1. Schedule Time. Yes really put it in your version of a calendar. Chunking time is one of the secrets to success. So put a start and an end time, so you don’t get all worked up thinking how much studying you have to do. Try it.
  2. Create your space. Where? Home. Bedroom. Library.   Get some water, snacks, and your headphones.


3.   Take a Breath. Before you begin, treat your mind and body to a quiet moment of               breathing. Inhale for 4, Exhale for 4. 3 cycles or however many it takes to relax.


4.  Get Ahead. i.e. don’t leave it until the night before. Start an Outline of what’s to be        studied. Make note cards, use quizlet etc.  In as little as 10 minutes get prepared for the longer study sessions.

5.  Review Daily.

6.  Study together. Find a study buddy if that works for you. Try it, via Face Time, Zoom, or just through text. Test each other. This makes you accountable to show up and be prepared so you will have to at least have read the material.

7.  Get Up! Walk around, your brain needs a break and your body needs to move. You will be energized. Grab an apple, they say it’s as good as a cup of coffee to energize you! If you can, get outside for a bit, nature is healing and changes your focus. It helps you to relax.

8.  Ask for Help. Reach out to your teacher, the resource lab, your older siblings, or parents. Use all your tools!

You organized, prepared and worked hard. You’re ready! Walk into the test a little taller and maybe a little smile. 😊