Why I Started GIRL IT.

GIRL IT. formerly Just Girl It! was co founded in 2012 by me Stacy Krys.


The Quick Scoop:

I’m a yoga teacher with over 300 hours of yoga teacher training, I have a personal training background and I am a certified health coach with a concentration in holistic healing. One of my absolute favorite activities is coaching young girls in my hometown in field hockey and lacrosse.  I’m a midwest OG who moved to New Jersey for the oh so awesome formative years. So yup I’m a Jersey Girl (but with a strong midwest thread) 😉 , so with that upbringing, my mantra is “if you can make it through high school in New Jersey, you can make it anywhere!”

The Gushy Stuff:

I’m a Big Mama💜 ( I’m actually 5’2, well 5’2 on a good day with some shoe help) to 3 pretty cool kids.  I’m married to an even “cooler” (Northern Ontario OG 🥶 ) and possibly the kindest Canadian. We met at Boston University oh so long ago!  We love our stubborn but fairly cute on most days, wheaten terrier named Vinny. 🐶


My Story:

As a pre tween to teen I was a competitive gymnast, as we all know that’s a rough world for a young girl coupled with the everyday life of middle school. 😕 Thinking back, I was hanging on by a thread. By high school I had found my way to team sports;  field hockey and lacrosse, and ahhhhh big smile I also found yoga. After my first yoga class at 17, I definitely knew something had changed. Using today’s words I felt more grounded, had less anxiety and I was more at peace with myself. It’s why GIRL IT. is yoga based. Not surprising, science now backs up what I had been experiencing!

My  Big Girl Work Experience:

As a “grown up” I worked in the cut throat world of television in NYC and for the self indulgent world of magazines in LA. Both were anomaly industries, mostly men, the women who chose to be there were extraordinarily strong and capable.  I was just starting out and lucky me had these incredible unknowingly trailblazing women as my mentors. I watched them navigate a very challenging environment.

When I became a mom, I stopped the chaotic world of tv, and started teaching yoga, training women and coaching young girls.

It was when I started coaching young girls in field hockey and lacrosse I saw low self esteem, low self worth, and an absolute lack of confidence to try anything in these young girls! Sports is such an easy access point to their world. Outside of words, (and they say a lot!)  here is how they show their inability to go outside their comfort zone, they pick the same drill lines (“I’m not going in her line, I don’t know her, or I don’t like her”) 🤨, they choose who to partner with for passing, somehow girls this age can only pass with one person(their bff)😉,   my absolute favorite is during  games when the girls choose to only pass to their friends. The view into their world is exposed when you when you pull them out of a line or a game, and start asking why? what’s going with so and so, then the floodgates open.  It’s such a vulnerable time, trying to navigate so much especially in today’s climate of the kids being over scheduled coupled with the pressure social media and the expectations felt to perform at a high level all the time. They feel “fat”, “unliked”, “not good enough”, the list goes on.

Understandably, these inadequate feelings come up  one time or another in all of our lives. Ok, but does it have to be so hard and hurtful? Why are there no opportunities to discuss what’s going on and teach them the tools to get through the seemingly “mandated” growing up experiences.

I started the path to GIRL IT.  I went looking for an established program to bring to my daughter’s school. I researched everything! I asked my child psychologist friends for guidance. I found a partner who also had a daughter the same age. We planned on bringing a tried and true exercise based, self esteem program to our elementary school, but our school declined the program. It had too many rules,  too many hours needed to rent our gym, it was way too expensive and quite frankly it had a very outdated agenda.

GIRL IT. was born! GIRL as verb seemed very appropriate and quite cheeky!

We  created our own program with our a curriculum tailored to modern day issues. Cardio, Yoga, Nutrition, Theme of the week with a Quotes (ie how to pick your friends), Journaling, and Discussion ( a lot of discussion!) It was a huge success right from the start.

I’m excited to keep it going with an ever evolving curriculum, thank you social media, but  keeping the base the same because human behavior doesn’t change.  The curriculum is reviewed by a clinical psychologist.

There is a small window of opportunity with young girls and young women to create the much needed confidence muscle.

As a mom, a yoga teacher, a personal trainer, and a youth field hockey and lacrosse coach, I genuinely cherish the time I get to spend with the girls,  and with each practice and class that I lead,  I learn that the angst of tween- teenage years hasn’t changed.

The goal of Girl It.  is for girls to build their firm foundation, find their inner voice, and to honor their intuition before they leave home. When they do fly, they will have a strong sense of who they are, and will carry that sense of self  with them developing and strengthening that voice as they journey through life.

With all my heart I sincerely believe:

“Confidence is your most valued currency, you can’t buy it, but you can build it, it just takes time.” SK( that’s me!)