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Boost self esteem. Start today!

whether you think you can or you can't you're right

You deserve to feel good!

  • Know your voice!

Is it a positive voice or do you fall down the negative self talk trap?

Catch yourself every time you say anything “negative”.

Flip your perspective. From: “I’m not qualified or good enough.” To: I’m a very hard worker and if I don’t know how to do something, I will do everything I can to learn it.

  • Set Goals.

I love yoga for setting goals. Huh?

Yoga has so many different poses, some are easy to accomplish right away.

Do those 3x, then pick one to work toward.

For example arm balancing or crow pose. It’s a great goal.

Don’t like yoga, start simple, literally with the suggestions in this post ie  get out of bed earlier, then try  to eat healthy breakfast , go for a walk and so on. See below.

  • Learn how to manage time.

Create habits for productivity.

Get up 15 minutes earlier, just try it. It won’t kill you. So much has been written about getting up earlier, why not try it for a week.

Also Set a timer for tasks.

Set a timer for social media. Do it.

Life becomes easier when you delete the ngative people from it.

  • Pick positive friends, people who make you feel good about yourself.

Seems obvious, but sometimes we keep friends because it’s simply all we have known.

Take another look, do you feel good about yourself when you’re around them?

If yes, fantastic. If no, start moving on toward people you do feel good around. It might feel weird at first, but you will be happier!


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  • Eat healthy.

Aim for eating well most of the day, fruits and veggies help with your brain and body. Chips and cookies aren’t the end of the world just have a small amount. You know you feel better after a healthy snack or meal so be mindful of your choices.

Drink water. Mostly.

  • Move!

Of course I mean exercise. Whatever exercise looks like to you, Walk. Run. Go up and down your stairs 10x. then do again later in the day. Do Yoga. If you can do any of these outside, it’s an added bonus. Nature makes us all smile and you get Vitamin D from the sun!


  • Try a Mantra and Breathe!

Talk to yourself, literally say “I am happy.” I can do this.” I feel overwhelmed but I will work through it.”  Close your eyes. Sit in a comfortable position. Inhale your mantra, exhale your mantra.

  • Fake It!

If it’s still hard to see yourself in a positive light, fake it. Yup that works too because eventually your brain gets the signal that you’re happy, it doesn’t know you’re faking it! Rewiring your brain is real, so smile. Right now just smile big, fake a smile big  and feel what happens in your body, it changes.

Working on yourself is worth it. These are doable. Take action on a couple of these or try them all. If you are still feeling low self worth and you have tried all the holistic manners of “cleaning up your brain and body”, please consider talking to a therapist or as we like to say a talk doctor. You might want a professional to help figure it all out, and that’s a great avenue to take too! You’re worth it!