Words of Wisdom. Black Lives Matter, Too.

The power of 3 words just changed the universe.


These 3 words have shifted our world. The entire planet is responding to 3 simple words. The power in these words has inspired a movement so big, astronauts in outer space “heard” them.  The words, “Black Lives Matter” illustrate the unspeakable. They gently remind us of the inhumane experiences that are so horrific, so absolutely terrifying that just reading them paints pictures of a history too painful to want to talk about, let alone actually talk about.  However,  with these 3 words, just 16 letters, people world wide are now talking, thinking, and even dreaming of a better world. If the 3 words confuse or aggravate you in any way, how about this:

What about adding one small word to the end? I heard someone in the BLM movement say Black Lives Matter too. It was so moving to hear him say it in a tone so simple, so sure, so real, so defeated yet so unbelievably inspiring. You could say it’s semantics, it’s a softball, but by adding the one word, a simple adverb calmed listeners and enlightened his captive audience. His calm disposition in relating why add the “too”, we are not saying “only” black lives matter, we are saying black lives matter..too.

Anyone who has lived long enough to know the background of the 3 words, in theory should understand that just 3 words are necessary.  However, by simply adding the word “too” the power in the words hit another chord.  Adding “too” is like adding a pause. The response can’t be “yeah yeah we know..or hey all lives matter”. The pause conjures up a “come on guys, you get this, right?”  “Aren’t we all getting this by now?” The pause from adding just 3 letters is asking in such an undeniable way to be added to “the list, the group, the schools, the jobs, the proverbial club, please just add us in and please just treat us fair.”

As Edgar Allen Poe said, “Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.” The words, Black Lives Matter are so deeply rooted in real horror, no matter how many words are used, the world is listening and the world is changing.

Never underestimate the power of words and how they make you and those in your life feel and act.  You’re in control of how you “listen” to words and and your’re in control of the words you choose to use.