1. What is it?

  • Panicky/Worrying
  • Tied, but can’t sleep
  • Can’t focus
  • Tense muscles
  • Irritable

2. Help is here, it’s science backed!

  • Breathe, inhale to count of 5, exhale out through your mouth for 5. 3 rounds. Look up yoga breathing and Wim Hoff breathing.
  • Light Candles, even during the day. The brain sends calming waves when it sees a lit candle. Scented only if they help, some scents can be off putting.
  • Do Yoga. it’s free everywhere. Yoga will check all the bullets above. Go to YouTube.  Type in yoga for anxiety. I also  have videos up on girlit.org .instagram, girl.it, and my YouTube channel
  • Walk outside in nature. Yes it helps. Play a podcast or music.
  • Nap after your walk. Again, yes it helps! Naps should be required like brushing teeth!
  • Meditate. How? Sit. Lie down or even in the shower, just be. Recognize the anxiety provoking thoughts, thank them for coming and like a cloud floating by, let them go.
  • Tap. As in tappping. This is an old method that’s hot now. Google tapping to see how (not tap dancing)
  • Read good fiction. It will shift your focus.
  • Eat Healthy,  yup food has a direct influence on your mood.
  • Shower or Take a Bath– yes literally get wet! Water is healing. Try cold for a change. Wim Hoff is helpful here too, there is science behind cold water.
  • Read Non Fiction to get ready for bed, it will likely help put you to sleep.
  • Rub Lavender Oil into temples, wrists or Lavender spray or any scent that relaxes you. 
  • Laugh! Watch a funny movie.  Try “The Other Guys”, “The Heat” “Best in Show” “Meet the Parents”.
  • Drink Chamomile Tea at night, helps to reduce anxiety, helps sleep also helps with digestion.
  • Sleep. Can’t? Download Bedtime Fan app, it’s free. it will help.
  • Consider Herbs  (easily available) ashwagandha, and Reiki Mushroom are good starts.
  • Buy a Plant, they clean the air and are proven to reduce anxiety.
  • Pet your dog. Don’t have an animal, and can’t get one, do a virtual zoo visit, it will make you smile.
  • Shut down social media, temporarily. Yes again science backed, take a break and try all of the above.
  • Journal. Write it out, write it all out.
  • Talk about it! Maybe that person you talk with has a good doctor or therapist you can see too!
  • Flip your perspective. Literally flip it. “I have a good… life, house, heart etc”.
  • Therapy – Get a talk doctor! It’s just smart.

Smile 😊 , you’re now equipped to handle things a bit better and enjoy more happy times.