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When will you begin that long journey into yourself~ Rumi (1207-1273)

The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention.-2

How to start?

Ask yourself these questions:

Who are you?

You can define yourself in many ways; with a title, ie sister, daughter, friend, cousin. You can use adjectives; smart, kind, giving, tough, athletic, musical, happy. It’s your ? to answer! Another one to start thinking about on your journey to you:

What are your strengths?

This should be easy! I’m good at helping people, I’m caring, I’m a good listener, I’m a hard worker, the list can be as long and as varied as needed to list all your strengths! Now, a tougher question to start to think about it:

What stresses you out? Where are you not confident?

Being late stresses me out so I know when I walk in somewhere late I already feel bad about myself. This is an easy one to start with, of course there are much bigger stressors like friend groups, parents, school, etc. Try to identify everything, legit everything you can think of that is a stressor and/or where you don’t feel good about yourself.

Think big like friendships issues and small like being late. Some things will empower you to change right away…Yeah!!! Yet, some stressors may take some time to learn how to navigate the stressful waters but with time spent on this journey into you figure out how to go toward the big waves and ride them into a more peaceful self😊

What can you work on to make yourself happier? 

This one is just a reminder to yourself. What got me off path today? Maybe I could have looked at the situation differently. Maybe I could have been kinder. Maybe I could have tried harder, because trust me you never regret being kind or working hard!!

These questions don’t always have a simple answer but truly you are the only one who knows the real you. If helpful you can ask your parents or friends or even a teacher to get you started!

Start with these questions, write your answers down,  puhhlease! Lists are good, seeing the words are a great tool in keeping you on track. Write down these quotes, or find one that works for you and share them. We will post them!

One last thing.. Answer truthfully! No one but you sees this list. Keep this in mind, how you really think about yourself influences how you feel about yourself, which in turn positively or negatively influences how you act and react!  Remember we are building confidence here, so BE HONEST!!! Your first tool in your toolbox 🧰 is getting a notebook 📓in answering the important questions above…

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change her future by merely changing her attitude~ Oprah Winfrey

And so now your journey to self confidence begins….❤️